It’s impossible to deny that what we consider to be “smart 天井的想法” has changed over the last few years. In the past, outdoor spaces used to be almost seen as an afterthought. Rather than going for a particular style, most homeowners were content to let these areas become a hodgepodge of different pieces that were mostly geared towards function.

Now, however, that focus has shifted slightly. In addition to being fully functional spaces our 外观s are looking 更多 put together. In fact, it is not uncommon for these areas to look like – and be thought of as – extensions to the square footage of the home.

If you’re a little confused about 如何 bring your 外观s around to this new way of thinking, we’ve got a few easy 天井的想法 that will help breathe a sense of new life into your space. 通过 implementing some of these ideas, you might find yourself wanting to spend 更多 time.


Every patio needs to have at least one sitting area where visitors wish to sit down and relax for hours. In recent years the options for outdoor furniture have increased dramatically in aesthetics as well as price. The key is to make sure you pick a material that works for your family. There are four main options:

  • 塑料: 最经济实惠的选择,但往往不为美观。
  • 柳条:经典的外观,但需要更多的主动关怀。
  • 综合: Middle of the road price, made of synthetic material, but often has a wicker-like look. 
  • 铁: 耐用和重选,但价格昂贵。

Whichever material you choose, proper care will undoubtedly expand its lifespan. Ask the retailer for specific care instructions and always be sure to store it away from the elements during poor weather.


When talking about 天井的想法 that will make your outdoor space feel like an extension of your interiors, it’s critical to mention proper lighting. After all, no one wants the party to stop once the sun goes down. 通过 making sure light comes from 多个光源,你就可以享受空间到深夜。

When it comes to outdoor lighting, variety is key. If your patio is covered, try to install a few overhead lamps for intense brightness. Lanterns or candles make great additions to 表s. Depending on your aesthetic, you could string lights through the surrounding trees or light a few tiki touches to help set the ambiance.


It goes without saying that nights spent out on your patio may get a little chilly from time to time. Rather than moving any socialization inside, you can add a heat source to give yourself the option of warming up. This is also a great way to extend the use of your space into multiple seasons, if you live in an area that experiences a lot of temperature fluctuations.

Consider which type of heat source will work best for your family. Heat lamps are generally seen as the easiest since they turn on with the flick of a switch, but they can get pricy. Full fireplaces make a big statement, but often require regular maintenance. Smaller fire pits are less work, but unfortunately don’t throw as much concentrated heat.


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Rugs that are going to be used largely outdoors do have a few unique considerations. You’ll  want to choose on that’s made up of a heavier, 更多 durable fabric and consider using a darker color to camouflage any stains.


Rarely do we consider having an outdoor space without at least a grill for al fresco dining and backyard barbecues. But, it may make sense to go one step further and invest in 室外厨房.

Since outdoor kitchens often boast multiple appliances like an oven, refrigerator, and prep sink, you’ll be able to prepare the whole meal from their rather than just the protein. Not only will it save on time spent running back and forth to the kitchen, those who love to entertain will be able to get a meal on the 表 while still socializing with their guests.