A dome ceiling adds beauty and architectural interest, while making the room look larger and 更多 spacious.  Whether it is a recessed ceiling dome, a surface mount ceiling dome, or a combination of the two, this is one design element that becomes the obvious focus point in the room. Our team of experts reveal what you need to know if you’re considering a 穹顶天花板 in your home


这个圆顶天花板带来的户外内。图片提供: 阁楼迈克尔·埃金建筑师

“A 穹顶天花板 is classical by nature and symmetrical by design,” according to Garret Eakin of 阁楼埃金建筑师 在伊利诺伊州芝加哥。 “如果你喜欢对称的戏,一个圆顶天花板是给你的。”

This photo above shows one of Eakin’s 穹顶天花板 projects. “We employed the form with the intent to integrate clear story windows above the countertops, washing the space with natural and artificial light,” he explains. “A dome integrates a functional roof with the aesthetics of great natural light.”

The 穹顶天花板 helps to define the eating area in this open concept home. Image: James Brey/Getty Images

圆顶天花板都在流行 门廊 and living and dining areas, but they can also be used in other locations. “I like a domed ceiling above a breakfast nook or even a small reading room off the master bedroom,” says Nathan Outlaw, president at onvico,一个总承包和设计建造公司在托马斯维尔,GA。

The 穹顶天花板 is the focal point in this grand entrance. Image: John M Lund Photography/Getty Images

When used in an entryway, Outlaw says it’s important to think about the type of impression you’re trying to make. “I think that they make a cool impression in a front entry, but can be off putting with how grand they feel,” Outlaw says. “You want a home to feel inviting and an ill placed dome ceiling could come across as pretentious.”

“A dome ceiling can take 更多 planning in the construction and design and will take skilled tradesmen to pull off correctly,” Outlaw says. “If a homeowner wants a 穹顶天花板, I would suggest looking for a contractor who has done one before and to ask to see – in person – an example of their work.”


“穹顶添加的空间感和场所的房间从某种意义上说,”根据 莱斯利·索尔 of 莱斯利·索尔 & Associates 建筑 and Design in Cambridge, MA. “They add space because the higher ceiling opens up the lid of the ceiling,” she says. “They add place because the dome gives a centering, an identity, and a sense of comfort to those who sit or stand under it.” The photo above is of one of Saul’s 穹顶天花板 designs.

圆顶天花板手绘的细节。图像:ipggutenbergukltd / Getty图像

“A domed or rounded ceiling detail is a great custom feature that will set your room apart from others,” according to Terry Southwick of Southwick的建设 in North Hampton, NH. “A foyer, over a dining 表, or an office are the best applications in my opinion,” she says. “You can keep it light and white, or paint it with sky colors, or embellish with custom paint depending on your decor.”

This dome design allows the chandelier to be several inches higher. Image courtesy of Southwick的建设

The photo above is one of Southwick’s dome designs. “A 穹顶天花板 is really a statement feature that can set off a room – with a lighting fixture in the center,” Southwick says. “With LED lighting around the perimeter, it can make a great impression or be a subtle classic detail to your home,” she explains. “It is a specialty feature, and obviously adds some cost to your project, but should be reasonable with a good contractor.”


穹顶,不必大。图像:timabramowitz / Getty图像

“There are kits available that can be mounted in the ceiling and trimmed out and painted,” Southwick says. “The nicest way would be to custom frame and plaster in with the addition of crown mouldings to finish off the entire room.” Archways & Ceilings is one company that makes dome ceiling kits. The company provides instructions on 如何 measure for a dome kit and determine if you want a light ring. The 穹顶天花板 ships in boxes, and can arrive in 3 to 10 business days.


这个圆顶天花板创建阳光一阵。图像:霍克斯顿 - 马丁BARRAUD / Getty图像

If you incorporate a 穹顶天花板, how will it affect your home’s resale value? Will home buyers share your love of this unique design element?

“穹顶,不应仅限于博物馆,根据 妮可durosko of Warburg Realty. “When found in a New York City apartment, an elaborate, classical charm is automatically added to the home.” But she admits that it’s not being asked for by popular demand.

卡伦kostiw of Warburg Realty doesn’t think that 穹顶天花板s are that popular in large, urban areas like New York City – at least not among her clients – but she says they’re very popular in homes commu表 to the City.  “Buyers outside of the city like architecturally-designed ceilings in the master bedroom and great room,” Kostiw says. “You’re also likely to see this type of ceiling in dining and living rooms.

The 穹顶天花板 complements this ornately designed and decorated room. Image: IPGGutenbergUKLtd/GettyImages

然而, 霍华德·马戈利斯 of Douglas Elliman says it’s hard to accurately predict which homebuyers will like this style or not. “When it comes to dome ceilings, it depends on an individual’s personal taste and the existing style of their residence,” he says. “I find 穹顶天花板s 更多 often on Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue homes.” He says they’re most likely to be found in the entry foyer or rotunda. “But in general, I think they are a bit dated,” he concludes.